In English

The Olin Foundation for Legal History was established by Gustav och Carin Olin in 1947 in Stockholm. The purpose of the foundation is to further Swedish research in legal history.

The foundation grants economic support to researchers, supports and arranges conferences and publishes books and collections of articles.

Publications in English:

Rättshistoriskt bibliotek

RB 29: CLAES PETERSON, Peter the Great’s Administrative and Judicial Reforms: Swedish Antecedents and the Process of Reception. Lund 1979.

RB 54: HEIKKI PIHLAJAMÄKI, Evidence, Crime and the Legal Profession. The Emergence of Free Evaluation in the Finnish Nineteenth Century Criminal Procedure. Lund 1997.

RB 64: MATS KUMLIEN, Continuity and Contract. Historical Perspectives on the Employee’s Duty of Obedience in Swedish Labour Law. Stockholm 2004.

RB 65: MAX LYLES, A Call for Scientific Purity: Axel Hägerström’s Critique of Legal Science. Stockholm 2006.

Rättshistoriska studier

RS 26: MIA KORPIOLA (Ed.), The Svea Court of Appeal in the Early Modern Period: Historical Reinterpretations and New Perspectives. Stockholm 2014.

Rättshistoriska skrifter

RSK 2: ALAN WATSON, Legal History and Common Law for Europe. Stockholm 2001.

RSK 5: ALAN WATSON, Authority of Law; and Law. Eight Lecures. Stockholm 2003.